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"Kevin and I were teammates while playing for the St. Louis Rams. He is one of the best athletes I have ever known and has the combination of world-class speed, quickness and technique. Kevin is an extremely hard worker and was able to play in the NFL and get his Master's Degree concurrently - this says a lot about his character and work ethic. Kevin truly brings a lot to the table in regard to both education and athletic ability. He is a great inspiration to our youth today. His experience as an athlete in both football and track allows him to know what it takes to be fit. His knowledge can help you achieve your goals."
- DeJuan G.

Dejuan Groce - New Orleans Saints

"It's one thing to be fast and it's another thing to play or perform fast! I've had the opportunity to know Kevin for a long time and we both take pride in our abilities and how we perform. When you have the opportunity to have a proven Professional and someone who can not only talk the talk, but walk the walk to train you, then its one of those things in life you should take advantage of. Having someone hold you accountable is key when it comes to progressing to the next level athletically. Kevin will do that and get you the results you set out to achieve!!!
- Jonas R.

Jonas R.  Tennesse Titans

"Coach Kevin has been great. My son has taken the training coach has shown him and applies them to his daily workouts. His confidence has increased immensely and he is very excited to translate that training to the field."

- Rodney P.

"Coach Garrett is great. We couldn't be happier. He is extremely knowledgeable and great with the kids. My son loves his sessions. We'll be training with Coach Garrett for a long time."

- Brian C.

"Coach Garrett worked out our son for the first time. We were completely impressed on his knowledge of the game and his ability to share that knowledge while he was working our 16 year old out. Our son cant wait for the next session, in the meantime he has picked up some tips and drills to bring his game to the next level. Thanks Coach Kevin."

- Chris T.

"Coach Kevin is the ultimate professional. He has a passion for teaching young people how to improve their athletic ability. This translates into a progressive training program that is grounded in understanding the fundamentals and technical aspects so that athletes have a great foundation to build on. Kevin has shown my son some key tools that will help him improve his sprinting performance. We look forward to working with Kevin to get a jump on next year's football season."

- Haley B.

"Coach Kevin was great!! My son felt so much more confident and ready for his upcoming track meet. He followed the tips Kevin gave him and showed major improvement and felt great about his performance. Thanks Coach Kevin!"

- Hilary R.

"Coach Kevin is great. His impact on my son for both football and track training could be seen in the first lesson. His football season was outstanding and track is coming up. We are excited. I strongly recommend Kevin. He is patient but focused on making my son better. Great attitude. Great skills base. My son is fast but he looks like a turtle next to Kevin. Seeing a world class athlete in action close up is inspiring and something I will remember for a long time. Thank you Kevin!"

- Joe O.

"Coach Kevin is truly a motivating and inspirational trainer. He is fair and takes the time to explain his reasonings behind his exercises. He takes time to explain what each exercise does for your body. Just after one session with him, I am more motivated then I have been in a long time and I am even more ready to keep pushing toward my dream. He is tough but in a way where he takes the time to help you to understand what it is you need to reach your goals. He is very well educated in the human anatomy and the way the body works. I am wicked excited to continue my journey with him. He will be the reason I accomplish my goals."

- Amanda H.

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