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~ Speed Kills, Agility & Quickness Thrills ~

Swift Sessions raises the bar when it comes to sports performance programming. We cultivate a community in which experts and learners can mingle and share information. We also offer whole team training sessions if you are interested in keeping your players injury free during the season and maximizing their strength and speed gains during the off season.


Swift Sessions will offer private & group instruction for football players of all skill levels. We will focus on teaching proper fundamentals, increasing players’ football I.Q. and maximizing performance potential. We will help each player achieve success by developing self esteem and teaching proper work ethic on and off the field. Football instruction may be customized for each player depending on position.

Football training Dripping Springs


Speed is stride length times stride frequency, mixed with power – which is (force x distance) / time. 
How fast can you apply force into the ground to propel yourself forward? How much force can you apply to the ground? How far can your stride take you? How fast can your strides occur? Come learn the answers to these questions. Come get fast!

Track and Field Training Dripping Springs


Lacrosse is the oldest sport in America, yet it is just now up-and-coming in popularity. It’s a sport that takes guts and glory to play. And a sport that combines the demands of football, along with the endurance of soccer. Lacrosse is a sport that must have effective training. Let Swift Sessions prepare you to be the best player you can be.

Lacrosse Training Dripping Springs


Sports Performance Training for volleyball will take a player’s game to the next level. Position-specific and movement-specific instruction will create a competitive edge for the athlete on the court. Swift Sessions provides training for players of all levels and with a variety of performance goals. 

Volleyball Training Dripping Springs


Baseball & Softball are truly sports of precision. A game’s score can come down to the accuracy of a pitcher’s throw, the swing of a bat, or speed of one player crossing home plate. Everything about these sports leaves very little room for errors. Training for these sports should involve a multidimensional approach that focuses on improving speed, agility, and strength in a way that is relative to the motions and demands of the game. Swift Sessions offers workouts that have been specifically designed to improve an individual’s performance on the field.

Baseball Home Plate Slide


Different soccer players have different training needs to be successful. For example:

Goalies: Need quick, powerful reactions and very little long-distance stamina. Focus on strength, reactions, and a slim, quick figure.

Defenders: Need upper/lower body strength and sprinting speed. Rarely required to jog or run for long, continuous times, they need to be able to get to every ball and win it in the air or on the ground.

Midfielders: Need to be able to run for days. They should have exceptional stamina and above-average speed. Quickness and strong foot skills are a must.

Forwards: Need a balance of speed and strength, like defenders, but must also be able to jog for days to confuse defenders and open up offensive space.

Let Swift Sessions help you become the best soccer player you can be!

Soccer Training Dripping Springs


Basketball is a fast-paced sport that requires explosive strength, top speed, agility and fine-tuned on-court skills. Swift Sessions will put you through training that will improve your basketball savvy and take your game to the next level.

Basketball Training Dripping Springs
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